Volleyball Program Registration

96 teams attended HomeSchool Volleyball‘s 2020 National Championships in Kansas City, MO.  We are hopeful the 2021 NCHVC in Lawerence, KS, will have over 100 teams!

HomeSchool Volleyball Nationals Team Fees (before discounts.)

$425 for Thursday-Saturday Age Groups- (Girls 18u, Girls 16u, & Girls 14u)
$200 for All other age groups (Girls 12u, Boys 18u, Boys 16u, Boys 14u, & Boys 12u)

HomeSchool Volleyball Nationals Players Fees (before discounts.)

$10 for age groups that play Thursday-Saturday (Girls 18u, 16u, & 14u)
$5 for all other age groups (Girls 12u, Boys 18u, Boys 16u, Boys 14u, & Boys 12u)

Early Bird Discount: $50 savings (per team) and $0 in player fees* for all programs that have mailed in full payment for their teams by 7/31/21. Teams that pay by July 31st will receive $50 off per team, and players’ fee’s being $0*.

*$0 in players fee is based on if players register by the 8/31 deadline; player registrations after 8/31 will be subject to the increased fee. Players registration opens on August 1st.

Volleyball Program Registration

  • 2021 Registration for Volleyball Nationals (October 21st-23rd, Sports Pavilion Lawrence, KS.)
  • Nationals Championship Fee's:
    $425 for all Thursday Start groups (Girls 18u, 16u, & 14u)
    $200 for Friday Start age groups (Girls 12u & Boys)
    Make Checks Payable to  NCHBC Sent to: NCHC 2011 West Danforth Rd. #168 Edmond, OK 73003
    Age Groups listed are based on the players age as of September 1st of the school year. 
    Check all that Apply