Hardship Form

To apply for a Hardship Exemption please complete the following from. It is recommended that you apply for the Hardship Exemption prior to the start of the season.

Hardship Exemption Application

  • This form is to be filled out by any player that doesn't meet the NCHC Eligibility Guidelines but would like to play on an NCHC Program during the year &/or at an NCHC Event. Only Parents, Legal Guardians, or the players themselves may fill this form out. If you are filling this form out for someone and are not one of the Parents, Legal Guardian, or the player. Do not fill this form out.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, etc.)

The Hardship Exemption process is simple. Once you have completed your hardship you fall into one of 3 categories.

1) Your situation has no precedent and must be sent to vote to the Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB*)
2) Your hardship has a clear precedent set to approve or deny.
3) If denied you have no other options, however, the leaders of your organization can request an appeal be sent to the EAB*.

*Below is some basic information on the EAB

Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB)

The EAB is made up of leaders, coaches, and administrators who represent teams from across the nation, that have or will attend NCHC Post Season Events.

The reason for the EAB is, the NCHC feels it is essential that HomeSchool Coaches, Directors, & Administrators are given an opportunity to have active role/voice influencing the rules and policies that their program has agreed to abide by.

When a family request a hardship the ruling they are sent is based on what we consistently enforce for all programs. If the hardship request has a precedent to be denied they will be informed their hardship has been denied, at which point the family has exhausted their options, however if the organization leaders chose to request to appeal the ruling to the EAB, this can be sent out for a vote. The voting process can be very lengthy, especially during the offseason or busy time periods.

The NCHC strive’s for consistency and an equal playing field. As the landscape of HomeSchool Athletics has shifted over the past 26+ years there have been thousands of unique situations that require hardship exemption request.

When a vote is brought to the 500+ Member Basketball or 100+ Member Volleyball Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB), we remove the name of the players, team, the talent of player, race, sex, etc. This removes any ability for false accusations of discrimination as well as keeps a fair and equal playing field for all teams.

The bottom line is, eligibility is the #1 threat in HomeSchool Sports. We believe that nothing can ruin a parent, player, coach, or fan experience than to have ineligible teams at our HomeSchool Events.

In the end we at the NCHC believe that the EAB provides the opportunity for making sure our rules and policies reflect the vast majority of the teams/programs that attend our events. EAB members who vote help us both now & in the coming years to make sure that the integrity of HomeSchool Sports is kept in tact.