Basketball Team/Program Registration
2023 Post Season


2023 Post Season Team & Organization Registration.

The only adjustment for the 2023 fee structure from the 2022 fees was reducing team fees for select age groups.

Combining our District, Regional, & Nationals numbers, the NCHC has featured over 1,000 sign-ups in each of the past three seasons; the 2022-23 season could see the 4,000th sign-up for an NCHC Post Season Event since the 2019-20 season.

To book a hotel for Nationals, please visit our Nationals Lodging page or Click Here

909 Teams registered by the 2022 Early Bird Registration Deadline.
Worth noting despite three consecutive years of 1,000+ teams in attendance, we have NEVER had 900 registrations in September. In 2021 we hit 900 registrations on November 21st, which was 45 days earlier that we had ever achieved this number in the past.

DIRECT LINK to the  2023 NCHBC Registration & Team Invitation Request Form