Volleyball Program Registration

A 128 Team Cap has been set for HomeSchool Volleyball‘s 2021 National Championships in Kansas City, KS!

NCHVC 2021 Full Detailshttps://www.nchclive.com/home-school-volleyball/

NCHVC 2021 Team List Click Here

HomeSchool Volleyball Nationals Team Fees (before discounts.)

$425 for Thursday-Saturday Age Groups- (Girls 18u, Girls 16u, & Girls 14u)
$200 for All other age groups (Girls 12u, Boys 18u, Boys 16u, Boys 14u, & Boys 12u)

HomeSchool Volleyball Nationals Players Fees (before discounts.)

$10 for age groups that play Thursday-Saturday (Girls 18u, 16u, & 14u)
$5 for all other age groups (Girls 12u, Boys 18u, Boys 16u, Boys 14u, & Boys 12u)

Early Bird Discount: $50 savings (per team) and $0 in player fees* for all programs that have mailed in full payment for their teams by 7/31/21. Teams that pay by July 31st will receive $50 off per team, and players’ fee’s being $0*.

*$0 in players fee is based on if players register by the 8/31 deadline; player registrations after 8/31 will be subject to the increased fee. Players registration opens on August 1st.

Volleyball Program Registration

  • 2021 Registration for Volleyball Nationals (October 21st-23rd, Sports Pavilion Lawrence, KS.)
  • Nationals Championship Fee's:
    $425 for all Thursday Start groups (Girls 18u, 16u, & 14u)
    $200 for Friday Start age groups (Girls 12u & Boys)
    Make Checks Payable to  NCHBC Sent to: NCHC 2011 West Danforth Rd. #168 Edmond, OK 73003
    Age Groups listed are based on the players age as of September 1st of the school year. 
    Check all that Apply