Player Registration Form

The only adjustment for the 2024 fee structure from the 2023 fee structure was extending the initial deadlines for Early Bird Player Registration and the due date for Regionals & Nationals final payment.

WOW- Nationals, three Regionals, and multiple Districts are practically FULL! Early Bird Team Registration featured a record-shattering total of 1,007 teams who registered by 9/15! Nationals 2024 has already eclipsed 380 teams; if we can secure the space to expand to 400 teams, we are still 95% full! 

To view the Complete 2024 NCHBC Post-Season Team/Event List- Click Here

  • NCHBC 2023 Post-Season Events featured a record 1,099 teams!
  • NCHBC 2024 Post-Season Events will feature a staggering 1,160+ teams!
  • Over 4,000 teams have registered for an NCHC Post Season Event since the 2020-21 season.

To book a hotel for Nationals, please visit our Nationals Lodging page or Click Here.

Player Registration Late Fee- December 1st: The late fee will increase by $5 per player per event. In January, the late fee increases by another $5 per player per event.

Player Registration Closes: Player Registration for each event is open until the week of each event and sometimes up until the last day before the event.

To complete this form, valid payment is required.

 If your team is not listed as an option below, please email