NCHC Eligibility Guidelines: Click Here

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All Parents, Coaches, & Athletic/Program Directors are required to abide by the posted Eligibility Guidelines, during the NCHC Player, Coaches, & Program registration all individuals are required to read and agree to abide by the NCHC Eligibility Guidelines if you have not yet read these yet please go to the link above and review. The NCHC considers anyone that sits on the bench to be a coach.

Sportsmanship is always encouraged by all parties. Parents or adults should never correct or confront the opposing team’s players, fans or children.

Under no circumstances should fans and children be on the court at half time.

In addition to these posted eligibility guidelines, NCHC Coaches are held to a higher standard: A coach is never to confront opposing fans, students, or players before, during, or after a game. Coach is responsible for holding themselves, other coaches, & their players accountable for their language & actions, especially on the court. A coach should never confront, yell at, or display threatening body language toward a referee after the game. A coach is responsible to make sure their parents &/or fans behave during their game. Social Media Policy: It is not acceptable for a coach, Athletic Director, Parent, Player, or team account to make negative social media posts about NCHBC players, fans, referees, directors, or tournaments.

  • NCHC PERSONNEL POLICY: As an organization, we at the NCHC are committed to hiring trainers & security for every event that we run. This policy was put in place following the 2021 Basketball Postseason, where we had both trainers and security hired for all NCHC ran events. Many NCHC tournaments are run at multiple facilities; our goal is that every facility with more than two courts has a trainer or security member hired to be on-site open to close.
  • NCHC Eligibility In Writing Policy: The NCHC ONLY handles eligibility exemptions or questions in writing. We do NOT handle the questions on the phone. Coaches, Athletic Directors, Parents, & Players, if you have questions about an eligibility situation in your program and you have told the player has been granted an exemption, ask to see it in writing. We are issuing this clarification statement on this NCHC policy which is intended to protect all involved as eligibility is such an important topic. All eligibility issues must be dealt with in writing, no exceptions.
  • NCHC Cancellation Policy/Notice: Any team that gives a full 21-day cancelation notice will receive full credit for any payments made; the credit will be good for any NCHC run event for 1 full calendar year. However, any late cancelations will forfeit any payments made, and if they have not yet paid they will receive an invoice. Late cancellations are treated the same as if the team attended the event. We have no desire to make a team pay for an event they didn’t attend, however, this policy is nonnegotiable as we require proper notice for brackets, referee’s, gyms, trophies, etc.
  • NCHC Late Fee: A $50 late fee will be added to any team fees that are not paid in full, 30 days prior to their events start date.
  • NCHC Refund Policy: The NCHC does not issue refunds, we do however issue credits for one full calendar year to any NCHC run event of your program’s choice.
  • NCHC Must Play Policy: A team that enters into our events agrees to compete in all tournament games bracketed. This policy specifically is for teams capable of playing but choosing to leave the tournament with bracketed games. Failure to do so is a $100 penalty, per game, with additional penalties, including, but not limited to, future tournament ban.
  • NCHC Dual Roster Policy: Players may play on multiple different age groups within a program. They are permitted to play on in any age group they qualify for. Players are only permitted to play on one team per age group. As always it is the NCHC policy that teams entering our tournaments have enough primary players to compete, our staff will look at all requests to accommodate dual rostering, however, each player must know who their primary team and each team must have enough primary players to begin each game of the tournament. Ultimately each team must be prepared for conflicts that our staff is unable to accommodate.
  • Brackets & Opening Day Game Times: You can expect to know your age group’s earliest start time for the opening day seven (7) days before the event. Brackets are released no later than Monday before events that begin on Thursday, Tuesday for events beginning on Friday, and Friday for events that begin on Monday.

NCHC Fan* Ejection Policy: If a coach, player, or fan is ejected** from a game by an official or NCHC tournament staff, the following four items must happen:

1. The ejected person must leave the facility immediately NOT just the gym but the facility.
2. The person ejected is ineligible to attend an NCHC Event or be on-site or campus of where an NCHC event is being hosted for 24 hours from the time they report it to No exceptions. Failure to comply will result in potential additional penalties to individuals, teams, and programs the fan is associated with that could extend into future seasons.
*Fan is defined as ANYONE ejected that was not on the bench as a coach or on the floor as a player at the time of the referee’s ejection.
This includes but is not limited to: receiving two technical fouls

NCHC Player & Coach* Ejection Policy: If a coach, player, is ejected** from a game by an official or NCHC tournament staff, the following four items must happen:

1. The ejected person must leave the facility immediately NOT just the gym but the facility.
2. Notify your Program Director (AD…)
3. Within 2 hours the Head Coach or Program Director must notify NCHB headquarters by about the ejection within two hours.
4. The person ejected is ineligible to play in the team’s next game for that specific team. No exceptions. Failure to comply will result in potential additional penalties to individuals, teams, and programs that could extend into future seasons.
*Player & Coach is defined as ANYONE ejected that was on the bench as a coach or on the floor as a player at the time of the referee’s ejection. Anyone else is viewed as a Fan, see above.
**This includes but is not limited to: receiving two technical fouls

  • Seeding Forms/Game Deadline: For a game to count for seeding to an NCHBC Event, it must be played before the seeding deadline, dates below. Results after these deadlines will not be considered/counted for seeding, with the only exception being NCHBC run Post Season events, which impact the seeding.
    Seeding Games Deadlines are–
    District: January 4th
    Regionals/Nationals: January 24th
  • NCHC Proof of Age Requirement– Each program must be able (in the event of an age challenge) to provide the NCHC proof of age via birth certificate for each player. Over the course of 25+ years, each age challenge has been handled this way.  Worthy of note, no age challenge has been successful. We accept electronic and physical copies, whichever is more convenient for the team/player to provide in the event of the challenge.
  • Official Age Challenge/Verification Form:
  • Disciplinary Action: DISCIPLINE: Conduct that would deem such disciplinary action would include violating NCHC eligibility rules, displays of violence, vandalism, blatant disregard for safety, spreading rumors or slander, vulgarity or humiliation of opposing teams or players (this can come from the players, coaches or fans).  Participating organizations are responsible for everyone associated with their organizations. Disciplinary action may include any of the following: a letter of reprimand and a request for a written apology or suspension from participation in NCHC activities for a designated period of time, not to exceed three (3) years. When organizations or individuals are suspended from participation in NCHC activities, those individuals directly involved with any incidents must be named. Those players, coaches, administrators, or parents named as the offenders shall not be allowed to participate in NCHC activities as part of any other participating team until the period of discipline has ended.
  • Reinstatement Application: NCHC: If an individual is either suspended (named) by the NCHC Regional Committee, Executive Committee, Eligibility Guidelines Committee (EGC), or the Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB) completion of the NCHC Reinstatement Application is required before this individual can be considered for reinstatement. Additionally, if an individual was a coach, board member, director, or leader on an organization placed under disciplinary action by any of the aforementioned committees or boards, you must complete this form to begin the process of reinstatement- Click Here

NCHC 1st Game Policies

To be eligible for participation in the National Christian HomeSchool Championships, a player must be homeschooled continuously & begin playing on their team before the team’s 1st game. Any players joining the team after the 1st game must follow the next step listed below; each unique situation is dealt with on a case by case basis.

Now for all NCHC Sports.

Basketball- Pool Tiebreaker Rules- 2 or more teams Sequential tie-break rules, in order, to be used after round-robin and pool play, if needed:

  1. Win-Loss record
  2. Head to Head results (2-team tie at any point)

    If at any point the following tie-breaker results in a 2-way tie, refer to point #2
  3. Point Differential (20-point cap per game)* 
  4. Least points allowed*
  5. Points scored*
  6. Random Chance conducted at NCHC H.Q. This will be videotaped and sent to the Directors on-site.*
    *If a 3-way tie or more, only.


-Shorts: No spandex allowed as outerwear. Soffee shorts are not allowed.
– Leggings are permitted as part of the uniform.

– ALL AGE GROUPS will use a standard size volleyball (including G12u)
– ALL AGE GROUPS will play on a standard height net. Boys will play on a mens height.