NEW OPTION: Team USA 3v3, in all divisions! If you would like to compete in the 3v3 HomeSchool Basketball Nationals, but need teammates, we have added a Team USA option just for you!

Clarification: Coaches & Alumni can compete in the Alumni Division.

Inspired by the Olympic’s recent introduction of 3v3 as a Sport, the NCHBC is hosting the first-ever 3v3 HomeSchool Basketball Nationals. This event will be played in Springfield, MO, immediately following the 31st annual 350+ Team HomeSchool Basketball Nationals.

What: 3v3 HomeSchool Basketball Nationals!
Who: Current NCHBC Players.
Who: Alumni* of the NCHBC.

*The alumni division is open to players or coaches who are alumni of NCHBC (District, Regionals, or Nationals)
When: ONE-DAY EVENT- March 18th, 2023 (the Saturday following HomeSchool Basketball Nationals Friday Undisputed Championships.)
Where: Springfield, MO (likely Strafford Sports Facility).
Total Cost: $25 Team Non-refundable Deposit, $75* additional payment due February 18th.
*$0 additional fee due for any alumni team with one or more Class of 2020 graduates (who were registered to attend Nationals 2020, which was canceled due to COVID.)
4 Divisions: Boys, Girls, Alumni Men & Alumni Women.
# of teams: A 96-team cap has been set between all divisions.
Awards: Each individual on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams will take home Fine Designs Mini Gold, Silver, & Bronze Balls respectively.Event Rules: 15-minute running clock. The first team to score 21 points (win by 2) wins the game. If neither team reaches the point threshold, the team with more points by the end of these 15 minutes is victorious. This event was inspired by the recent Olympics in which 3v3 was recently added as a gold medal sport. More info on how FIBA 3v3 rules at the following link. More detailed NCHBC 3v3 event rules are being established and will be released to registered teams in 2023. 

Players per team: Each 3v3 team is permitted up to one substitute.4-Game Guarantee: Our goal will be to have Non-Elimination Pools of 4, with all teams advancing to the elimination brackets.Eligibility: By February 18th, players must be NCHBC 2023 registered players (District, Regionals, or Nationals) to be eligible for the Boys or Girls Division. The alumni division is open to players or coaches who are alumni of NCHBC Events (District, Regionals, or Nationals).To Register: Complete the form below and pay the $25 deposit on the next page. To do so, each team must have a designated team leader, the City & State of the team leader & a Unique Team Name (for example, Alley-Oops! & Trifecta of Perfection, etc.)Individual 3v3 Player registration: For a player to be eligible to compete, they will need to complete the 3v3 player registration form (coming in February, 2023.)Register Below: