National Christian HomeSchool Basketball (NCHBC)

March 10-14- 2025 NATIONALS- March 9th will have 3-point try-outs & March 15th 3v3 Nationals! 
February 20th- 2025 REGIONALS Begin!

*2024 Nationals Schedule*



Livestream Schedule 2024:

Road to the Gold Ball-
Currently Released Selection Show Slidesby age group: CLICK HERE

The 2024-25 Post Season marks the 34th year of the NCHBC and the 34th year of hosting National Christian HomeSchool Basketball Championships (NCHBC) Post-Season Events!

OPENING GAME Times Release
380+ Teams
March 11-15
Spfd, MO

Below are the earliest possible start times for each age group/division: All start days are Monday unless marked otherwise.
B18u D1- 8:00 AM
B18u D2- 5:15 PM
B18u D3- 3:50 PM
B16u D1- 8:00 AM
B16u D3- 8:00 AM
B14u D1- 12:30 PM
B14u D3- 11:30 AM
B12u- 8:00 AM
B10u- TUESDAY- 8:00 AM
G18u- 8:00 AM
G16u- TUESDAY- 8:00 AM
G14u- 3:50 PM
G12u- TUESDAY- 9:00 AM
G10u- WEDNESDAY- 9:00 AM

March 4th- 2024
SELECTION SHOWS- Will not premiere until the evening of March 4th.

🏀G18u ALL-

🏀B18u D1-

🏀B18u D2-

🏀B18u D3-

NEW- MVP & All-District Team Selections- CLICK HERE

NCHBC Award Process Explanation- How the Award Winners are Selected…

REGIONAL AWARD VOTINGVOTE AFTER EACH GAME- NEW FOR 2024- All coaches are encouraged to vote after each game as well as casting a final vote after Regionals. This is a Head Coach or Director only form. Each teams final vote must be cast within 48 hours of the final game at Regionals. Regional Award Voting Link:

After each game at Regionals, please vote for your player & a player from another team that you feel is deserving of the Regional MVP Award.
Regional Award Voting Deadline: Please cast your final vote within 48 hours of your last game; please wait to vote until your last game. CLICK HERE

BallerTV will be livestreaming each of the four NCHBC HomeSchool Basketball Regionals! With BallerTV, you can watch all the games live, create and edit clips, and get access to the game downloads; BallerTV fees apply.  Click here to sign up!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Deadline for Nationals Event Program Roster & Photos.
Record, 390+ Teams!
Nationals Deadline for submitting Team Photos & Rosters for the NCHBC 2024 Event Program is March 1st Link: