Volleyball Coaches Registration

  • Coaches Registration Form. This form is to be filled out by all coaches in a program, including assistant coaches.
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  • All Parents, Coaches, & Athletic/Program Directors are required to abide by the posted. Before completing this form you will need to verify that you have read the NCHC Eligibility Guidelines, if you have not yet read these yet please go to the link and review.
  • In addition to these posted eligibility guidelines NCHC Coaches are held to a higher standard: A coach is never confront opposing fans, students, or players before, during, or after a game. A coach is responsible for holding themselves, other coaches, & their players accountable for their language & actions, especially on the court. A coach is never to confront, yell at, or display threatening body language towards a referee after the game. A coach is responsible to make sure their parents &/or fans behave during their game. Social Media Policy: It is not acceptable for a coach, Athletic Director, Parent, Player, or team account to make negative social media post about NCHC players, fans, referees, directors, or tournaments.
    To view the NCHC Eligibility Guidelines Click Here.

  • By signing you are acknowledging you have read and will abide by the the NCHC Elgibility Guidelines, additionally your signature verifies that you agree to the NCHC Coaches Standard & Social Media Policy