BallerTV x NCHBC2023

⦾ Red River District Championships (2023)

⦾ Brazos River District Championships (2023)

⦾ Big South Regional Championships (2023)

⦾ Midwest Regional Championships (2023)

⦾ Heartland Regional Championships (2023)

The NCHC is discussing BallerTV’s return to the Southeast Regional & NATIONALS; we will announce this if we are adding BallerTV to these events.

BallerTV is a paid service. BallerTV works hard to cover every single court and game of the event. You can find the information about this offered service by BallerTV at

NATIONALS– For the 12th consecutive NATIONAL Championships, we will feature a free-to-view NCHC Livestream on feature courts. In 2023 we will feature 2 Nationals showcase courts on NCHC YouTube Livestream.

NCHC YouTube Channel 1- Click Here
NCHC YouTube Channel 2- Click Here