National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA)

The National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA) was formed to protect the integrity of HomeSchool Basketball.  The NHBA is an extension of the NCHBC

All Programs that participate the NCHBC Regionals and Nationals are required to be part of the NHBA.

All Members of the Association Must agree to the Following:

We agree to abide by the terms of the NHBA (listed below)
We agree that that the jurisdiction for any unresolved dispute with the NHBA or NCHBC will be mediation to be held in Oklahoma City, OK with the cost to be covered by the disputing member of the association

All new association applications must fill this form out before November 1st. Any association applications filled out after this date will need to contact immediately to request an special expedited process. If form is filled out after 11/1 it is likely the National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA) will need to wait until April to process your application.

Basic guidelines to be a member of the NHBA:

•    Member Programs agree to follow NCHBC Eligibility Guidelines.
•    Member Programs agree to abide by the vetting process of the NHBA.
•    Member Programs agree to use only players that are eligible by NCHBC Eligibility Guideline for all games through out the year.

The Eligibility Advisory Board and/or NCHBC Regional Committee will resolve all player eligibility disputes.

In order for a team to participate in NCHBC Events their program must:

•    Be a member in Good Standing with the NHBA.
•    Have “Good Standing” status from the NCHBC.

Any program declared not in Good Standing with the NHBA or NCHBC may appeal the ruling to the NCHBC Regional Committee.  If the Member Program is not satisfied with the NCHBC Regional Committee ruling the they may appeal to independent mediation as outlined in the terms listed in the NHBA Application. All Member Programs must consist of predominately traditional HomeSchool Students and must promote traditional HomeSchooling** in a positive way.

All programs that agree to the NHBA terms and fill out the form in the proper timeline will automatically receive a temporary approval in the NHBA.

Teams found in good standing with the NHBA and continue to abide by the NCHBC Eligibility Guidelines upon request will be extended an Invitation to NCHBC Post Season Events (Click Here to apply.)

The NHBA reserves the right to remove the any program from membership if such program directly or indirectly is working to subvert or damage the interests or reputation of the NCHBC.  Furthermore, the NHBA reserves the right to remove the any program from membership if a program works in conjunctions with or supports a program, group or organization as that is directly or indirectly is working to subvert or damage the interests or reputation of the NCHBC.

The fee to be part of the NHBA is $5.00 per program per year.  If you had a team at an NCHBC Post season event last year then your fee is automatically covered in your Regional or National Team Fee.  If you will be attending as a first year Varsity Team – please add remit a $5.00 Made Checks Payable to NCHBC, and sent to 2011 West Danforth Rd. #168 Edmond, OK 73003. If your team is also registering for an event, you may include this check with your team payment. If your team is approved before the $5 check arrives we will not deposit this payment.

Teams that have not attended the Regional or National Tournament in the last two years will be required to go through a thorough eligibility verification process before being approved to play in NCBHC events.

**A traditional homeschool student-athlete is defined by as a homeschool student that participates in athletics. While they may transfer from one homeschool sports program to another to improve their athletic possibilities, they are committed homeschool students. The contrast to this is a student who is an athlete first, and will chose whatever type of schooling benefits him or her most athletically.”

Teams that are removed from good standing with the NHBA & are serving NCHBC Post Season Suspensions:

OKC Storm (OK)
TACA Storm (Dallas, TX)
Mountain Home Lions (AR)
Tulsa Green Country Defenders (OK)

April 22nd, 2022- OKC Storm HomeSchool Basketball & Kurt Talbott Suspended for 3 years for Eligibility Violations during the 2021-22 Basketball Season- CLICK HERE