Seeding Correction Request Form

District Deadline: Forms must be completed by Midnight, Sunday, January 19th

Our goal is to strive to get the seeding as correct as possible which is why we include the coaches in this process.

Before completing this form, please take a few minutes to read over the information provided below.

  • We accept that mistakes will be made in the process of seeding over 1,000 teams in a 45 day period. We count on coaches to communicate these mistakes and notify us.
  • This year we have moved all seeding correction request to a form in an effort to streamline the process.
    When filling out this form it would help for you to understand that we view each completed form in one of the following categories.
  • We have a seeding oversight committee from around the nation that will receive copies of the forms filled out. Any seeding committee member may respond individually or as a committee. In this form we have four categories for each form to be selected.

1) Drawing attention to Potential Mistake–This could be for many reasons. When we receive submissions that meet this criteria it will be evaluated, however a response may or may not happen before the seeding is final.

2) Circumstantial Appeal— Most seeding feedback we receive will fall under this category. One example of this could be a situation where your team has a player returning from Injury and despite losses without this player you feel you should be seeded higher than teams you’ve lost to. We will always read and consider every form, submissions that fall into this category will be heard, however a response may or may not happen before the seeding is final.

3) Evidence Based Appeal (Clear cut mistake)— When a fact based mistake has been made we need to know. An example of this would be, a team that has not lost to a homeschool opponent all season is seeded below teams they have defeated during the season.
When we receive submissions that meet this criteria either a change will be made Or an explanation will be sent. It is imperative you include all the facts when you send this type of correction.

4) Don’t understand &/or don’t agree– This category is for any submission that doesn’t meet one of the first 3 criteria. Our goal is that everyone understands the process, while this may not always be possible we will do our best to help those who are seeking a better understanding. We also respect those who simply don’t agree and would like to lodge their complaint. This is a perfectly acceptable position.  We recognize it is absolutely impossible to run events of these magnitude’s in a way that everyone agrees or believes the seeding is correct. We will not always respond to those who simply disagree.

All submissions must be made within the short deadline given when the preliminary seeding is sent out. Otherwise it will likely be too late to make any changes, regardless of the category a submission falls into.

Seeding Correction Request Form

  • NCHBC Coaches Seeding Correction Request Form. This form is designed to be filled out by the head coach or athletic director of the team. The HC can designate all seeding responsibility to another individual. Very Important: Results after the seeding form deadline do not count towards seeding. For District that deadline was, Midnight, Sunday, January 12th.
  • List your program name, also if you have more than 1 team in an age group, please identify which team this is. Example: San Juan Crusaders (B), (II), (Maroon), etc
  • Your AD will receive a BCC of the confirmation email you will receive with this seeding form.
  • Select all that apply
  • Our description for each of these 4 options can be located on this page, above this form. Selecting the correct choice here is very important in this process.
  • This is your opportunity to either draw our attention to a mistake, make a request, or make your case.