Volleyball Regional Award Nominations

  • The 2018 NCHVC HomeSchool Volleyball Regional Award Nomination Form is below: This is a Coaches Only Form, only the head coach or someone with the expressed consent of the head coach may fill out this form. Once the nominations are collected the next step will be a coaches ballot that will be sent to all teams attending Regional.

  • Examples: San Juan Crusaders 16u or TPA Lions 14u & 18u, etc.
  • This is a coaches only form and is only filled out by Head Coaches or by someone who has been assigned this duty by the head coach.
  • If you are filling this out with the permission of the Head Coach, please make sure to put the HC's email address here.
  • Choose One
  • Please make sure to list player name & jersey #. Example: Sarah Walsh #55
    Each Region will have at least one All-Region Team. Some regions may features as many as 3 All-Region Teams.
    Please select all that apply. Each Region will feature a winner in each category. In some cases if the Region is largest enough we may divide the ballots based on Classes.
  • The way the NCHVC All-Region/All-American process will works is: The coaches Regional Award Nominations will be moved to a ballot that will be voted on by the regional coaches. All-Region Selections will also have the opportunity to play in the All-Region game at Nationals. 1st Team All-Region Selections will be placed on the All-American Ballot. Any Regional Player of the Year Winners will also become one of 3 National Finalist for Player of the Year in their category. The Nationals coaches will then vote on the National POY.