Definition of NHBA Vetting Process

If a program is attending an NCHBC Event, their teams will all be requesting Invitations, and their players will be vetted by the NCHBC through the Player Registration Forms. Any players who do not meet all eligibility requirements will be required to fill out the Hardship Exemption Request.

All new Organizations/Programs that we have not attended an NCHBC Event in the past two years will be emailed with the following upon NCHBC Invitational Event Request.

1) Answer if your basketball program has any first or second-year homeschool families? If so, what are their ages?
2) Answer if your program has any players who do not meet our eligibility guidelines?
3) Answer if your team/program has a website or any official social media pages? If so, please provide the links to these. 

In the rare case that a team desires to be part of the National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA) but is not attending an NCHBC Event during the school year, the vetting Process of the NHBA is as follows.

Any NHBA Member is required to submit a complete list of all coaches within the program.

Any NHBA Member must submit a complete list of all players in their program, this list will include Parent Name, Parent or Guardian contact info (Email Address, phone number, etc) The list will include listing each individual players living situation and verification that each player and their parents are not only aware of the NCHBC Eligibility Rules, but they all either meet the guidelines or have requested and received the proper Hardship Exemption before playing in any games.

As is the case with all NHBA Members, we require complete cooperation from the programs board, AD, Coaches, and any other positions of authority within the NHBA Member Programs.