Fort Worth (Red River) District Award Ballot


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Houston (Brazos River) District Award Ballot

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Basketball 2020 Award Ballots

Links to each live NCHBC 2020 Award Ballot–

District Deadline: Voting must be completed by 11:59 PM, February 9th, 2020.

  • Houston (Brazos River) District Ballot– Click Here
  • Fort Worth (Red River) District Ballot– Click Here
  • Wichita (Arkansas River) District Ballot– Click Here
  • Western United States District Ballot– Click Here

Basketball Conferences

MCHC– Info

M.H.A.C. – Midsouth Homeschool Athletic Conference– Click Here

The MidSouth Homeschool Athletic Conference (MHAC) was formed in 2018, and is part of the Southeast Region for the National Christian HomeSchool Championships. The MHAC has 8 member teams located in Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

Each year the MHAC holds tournaments in 18U, 16U and 14U age brackets.

Great Lakes– Info

Game Time Change Request Form

Owen Gray Heart of a Champion Nominations

2024 Owen Gray Heart of a Champion Nominations

We are excited to present the 2024 Owen Gray Heart of a Champion Award! This award is different than any other award presented at the Nationals. The Owen Gray Heart of a Champion is awarded to a player or coach who exemplifies the love of Christ in their life. A Heart of a Champion deeply cares for their community and others above themselves.

2024 submission deadline: March 8th by Midnight

The award’s namesake and the first recipient, Owen Gray, is a student who learned he had Marfan Syndrome and could not play basketball or participate in sports anymore. He took this hardship and soared on wings like eagles. He raised money for the Marfan Foundation, raised national awareness for the Marfan Foundation, is constantly visiting and loving kids who are ill, never focuses on how things are hard for him, but cares for others.

This year we are proud to once again award this to a deserving player or coach. We get some great submissions for this award, and this year we wanted to share the amazing things these athletes and coaches are doing.

Any NCHBC attendee may nominate any NCHBC family, coach, player, etc. that you feel displays the traits that are mentioned.

To fill out this form, please visit this link:

Seeding Correction Request Form

Seeding Correction Request Deadline:


All submissions must be made within the short deadline when the preliminary seeding is sent out. Otherwise, it will likely be too late to make any changes, regardless of the category a submission falls into.

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NCHC Player of the Week/Month Nominations

Thank you for taking the time to look into nominating a National Christian HomeSchool Championships (NCHC) Player of the Week/Month.

Make sure to follow us on one of our Social Media Platforms:

Instagram– Click Here

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Facebook– Basketball Click Here
Facebook– Volleyball Click Here

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Volleyball Seeding Form

FORM DEADLINE: Sunday, midnight, OCTOBER 2nd. Please submit this form by the end of the day Sunday, October 2nd, OR email by Monday to let NCHVC Tournament Director Veronica Warner know when she can expect your submitted form.

Seeding Game Deadline October 1st– No results after Saturday, October 1st, can be listed when submitting your form.

Boys Nationals Awards Ballot: 2019

All Ballots are to be filled out by Head Coaches Only.
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All Ballots are to be filled out by Head Coaches Only.