NCHC Eligibility Guidelines

 Beginning in 2016 all NCHBC (Basketball) Post Season (Regionals & Nationals) Events will be Invitational’s meaning the first eligibility requirement for any team to attend an NCHBC Post Season Event will be to receive an official invitation, to requesting an NCHBC Invitation Click Here

Home School Student-Athletes

National Christian HomeSchool Championships are designed to provide top-quality tournaments for HomeSchool Student-Athletes. There are a series of eligibility rules that are designed to ensure that every participant is a HomeSchool Student first and an athlete second. As HomeSchool sports continue to grow, it is the NCHC’s desire to make sure that the teams that participate in the HomeSchool division of the NCHC tournaments do not have a resemblance of AAU/Club teams &/or all-star teams. These rules are not only meant to keep the playing field level at the National Tournaments but are also designed to protect the reputation of HomeSchool teams on a national and local level.

Note: The following rules apply to the National Championships and NCHC-sanctioned Regional Tournaments… READ MORE