Basketball Regional Tournaments

NCHBC 2020 will feature 4 Regional Tournaments – These 4 HomeSchool Basketball Regional Championships are projected to exceed 500 teams!

All 4 tournament will be February 20th-22nd, 2020

NCHBC Big South (Dallas), Heartland (Kansas City), Midwest (Indianapolis), & Southeast (Nashville, TN)

NCHBC Regional Tournaments serve many purposes:

They are a great tournament during a typically dead time of the year, at a phenomenal value.
Are great for teams who plan to attend Nationals Championships in Springfield, MO, allowing them to maximize their Nationals Experience.
Provide exposure for All-Region & All-American Candidates (more below.)
–Are designed to provide competitive tournaments leading up to the National Tournament.
–Can be used as an end of the year experience for teams not planning on attending Nationals. **Although if this is the case we recommend that your players consider attending via Team USA so that your program can catch the vision for what HomeSchool Basketball can be!
–Assist the National Tournament Seeding Committee to help properly seed each team for the Nationals.

Specific Team Fees, Early Registration Discounts, Multiple Team Discounts, are published at Each individual Regional Page, links below:

Big South (Dallas)
Heartland (Kansas City)
Midwest (Indianapolis)
Southeast (Nashville, TN)

A $50 late fee will be added to any team fee’s that are not paid in full, 30 days prior to their events start date.

All teams and players will be required to go through rigorous NCBHC vetting process, which includes being extended an Invitation & joining the National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA.)

All Region/ All American Voting:
The NCHBC Regional System provides exposure for All-American & All-Region Candidates, each Region is guaranteed to have players selected as All-Region Players in their class which means they will have the opportunity to participate in the National Exposure Showcase Game. Our largest regions have a guarantee that over 100 All-Region player will be named to an all-region team.  Coaches attending an NCHBC Regional are the official voters for All Region Teams, a players must make their All-Region team to be make the All-American Ballot.

A player’s team is not required to attend the National Championships to be eligible to make the All Region Team.  A player may play in the all region game even if his/her team does not attend the National Championships. A player’s team must attend the Regional Championship to be nominated for the All Region Team.

All head coaches of teams that attend Regionals will be invited to make their All Region Selections via a Coaches Only Voting Form.

Regional/National Player of the Year Awards:
Coaches at Regionals will be involved in a voting process that will select HomeSchool Basketball’s Regional Players of the Year.

All head coaches of teams that attend Regionals will be invited to vote for the Player of the Year Awards in each category and class via a Coaches Only Form.

NCHBC Seeding:

The NCHBC has over 15 years of seeding experience, one of the unique aspects of the NCHBC Seeding process is that all coaches have an opportunity to give their opinions, ask questions and give input before final seeding/brackets are posted. This does not mean that all coaches get what they want, that would be impossible, what it does mean is that we want to get it right and are willing to correct mistakes or answer questions before the seeding is finalized.

Brackets will be designed in standard scholastic format.  Our goal is to focus is a “quality of game format” that is typical at High School State Tournaments. This hopefully will allow for players and teams to perform at their best, whether Regionals is an end of the year event for your program or is getting you prepared for Nationals we feel the focus should be on the quality of games.

Annual Award Voting:
NCHBC Regional Championship Participants will be given exposure for the HomeSchool Basketball Annual Award Voting. Each Region will have numerous Player of the Year Awards to recognize the stand out players. Coaches attending an NCHBC Regional are the official voters for these Awards. The Regional Winners of these Awards will automatically become National Finalist.

Nationals Seeding Implication:
The NCHBC Regional System gives out all Auto bids for HomeSchool Basketball Nationals Division 1. There are only a handful of At Large bids awarded for D-I, if your team doesn’t have a marquee win over a HomeSchool opponent your performance at Regionals might be the only shot at a Division I bid. The Regional Champions will are also guaranteed a #1 or #2 overall seed in their Class (applies to age groups that will be using the Gold Ball Showdown Series Format.) Regional Championships are the final games counted for Nationals Seeding, no games after Regionals have any bearing on Nationals Seeding.

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