18u Division III Info

18u Format & Divisions

All players must age-eligible for their age group.  For Example – on a 16U team all players must be 16 or younger by the age cut-off.

This year at Nationals we will continue with the Varsity Division and Classification play that was introduced at NCHVC 2014.

Division I & II – This is the only option for ALL age groups with the exception of the Varsity age group (18u) which offers a Division III, option.

18u Division III – This division has been one of our hottest divisions, as such it has been part of Nationals Gold Ball Showdown Series Format. This age group was created for young 18u teams that are barely too old for the 16u age group. In order to opt into Division III you must meet one of the following criteria:

1. A team with no more than two players older than 16 as of September 1st of the school year.
2. A volleyball team that has an average age of 16.0 (or less) when combining the ages of their top 7 players as of the age cut off.

18u Division III teams the past couple of seasons have made up Class 4A & 3A at Nationals. These two Gold Ball Classes are part of the Undisputed National Championship Gold Ball Showdown Series. This means that the Gold Ball Champions of these divisions will advance into the Gold Ball Showdown Series Semi-Finals!