Volleyball Nationals Championship Format

NCHVC Championship Format Info

World’s Largest– With over 230 HomeSchool Teams in attendance over the last TWO years at the 2020 & 2021 National Christian HomeSchool Volleyball Championships, the NCHVC continues to hold & break World Records for being, the largest National HomeSchool Volleyball Tournament in the storied history of this sport! 2021 marked the 13th consecutive year of growth for the NCHVC with 2020 having 96 teams & 2021 featuring 137!

18u Gold Ball Showdown Series– This is a big part of the NCHVC, teams in the 18u age group are part of the Gold Ball Showdown Series (GBSS) which has featured 4 separate Gold Ball Classes, each of the 4 Gold Ball Champions advance to the GBSS Semi-Finals. The 2 winners of the GBSS Semi’s advance to the Undisputed National Championships Match! The 2022 National Championships is projected to once again feature 4 Gold Ball winners, 4 Silver Ball winners, a Bronze Ball winner, & the 2022 Undisputed HomeSchool Volleyball National Champion!

Gold, Silver, & Bronze Balls for Champion & Runner-up — We spare no expense when it comes to awarding the teams that find a way to navigate through the always brutal NCHC Tournament Fields, in fact we also provide Undisputed National Championship Banners for the Overall Champion along with Gold, Silver, & Bronze Ball Winners

HomeSchool Volleyball Nationals UPDATE–
Stand Alone Division I, II, & III Gold Ball Showdown Series Format

The 2022 National Christian HomeSchool Volleyball Championships (NCHVC) is thrilled to introduce a brand new Gold Ball Showdown Series Format! NCHVC 2022 will be October 20-22 in Kansas City, KS. In addition to the age groups listed below the NCHVC will feature Boys 14u, 16u, 18u and Girls 12u.

The top 16 teams in HomeSchool Volleyball will have the opportunity to compete in Division I. All other teams will have the opportunity to compete in a Division II Gold Ball Showdown Series Format.

The goal is for making Division I only the top 16 teams is this protects the lower divisions from being over matched and will be competitive all weekend, while also assuring that the top teams are challenged from seeding pool play to the final undisputed national championship match point! 

Age Groups Impacted for 2022:  Girls 18u, Girls 16u, and Girls 14u

Division I Format Seeding Pools– Four pools of four. Out of pool play, all teams will advance to a Gold Ball Class Semi-Final. This division will feature Gold & Silver Ball Showdown series Semi-Final and finals, as well as a Bronze Ball Bracket & Trophy.  This format guarantees each team will play 7 games at Nationals!

NCHVC 2021 had 48 teams in Girls 18u, and if we maintain this number for NCHVC 2022, in addition to Division I, we will feature:

Division II and Division III. Both would be 16-team fields following the Division I Format, with one exception. The Gold Ball Showdown Series (GBSS) winners of Division II and Division III will receive Overall Division II (or III) Champion Banners, whereas Division I GBSS winners will receive HomeSchool Volleyball’s UNDISPUTED National Champion Banner.

These divisions are very similar to the NCAA Division format.  

Each division will be a stand-alone division and the gold and silver ball showdown series are within divisions only. For example, Div I Gold and Silver Ball SS, Div II Gold and Silver Ball SS, and Div III Gold and Silver Ball SS..

If we experience growth and have 64 teams this year in girls 18u we may go with a slightly different format, but will still see Division I, Division II, and Division III.

Division III is an opt-in division for young, small, and/or developmental teams. If a team does not qualify for Division I or II in the seeding process they may be moved into D-3.

In Girls 14u & 16u our goal would be to grow these age divisions to two complete 16 team divisions.  If we stay at the numbers we were last year, these age groups may not see the same format as G18u.  We will however, have some sort of Division I for top 12-16 teams with Division II for the remaining team in the field.

For the BOYS age groups (18u, 16u, & 14u) and Girls 12u: Our goal is to hit 16 teams for each of these age groups and move these to Thursday start days. We believe the Division I format gives teams the best the NCHVC has to offer. Our goal is by 2024 to add three of these age groups to this exciting format!

Our staff is creative and has formats created for situations that have an age group with unique numbers. The goal is for Division I to consist of the top 16 teams as this protects the lower divisions from being over matched and assures that the top teams are challenged from opening pool play (non elimination) to the final undisputed national championship match point. 

In age groups like girls 16u and 14u we hope to offer Division 2 the same great format of Division I or something very close, this will depend on how many teams we have at Nationals this year.

Division I (or most 16 team divisions): Format Breakdown (7 Games)

Thursday: Opening Pools (4 teams)

Friday: Class Gold Ball Semifinal Match (all teams.) Winners to Gold Ball Match, losing teams to Bronze Ball Bracket Quarterfinals 

Saturday: Gold & Silver Ball Showdown Series Semi Finals and Finals. Bronze Ball Bracket Semi Finals & Finals, Consolation Semi’s, & 5th-8th played out.

Follow up questions email: zackstargell.nchc@gmail.com or Tournament Director Veronica Warner homeschoolvolleyball@gmail.com