Monday night at Missouri State Universities Hammons Student Center promises to be a memorable night for all in attendance!

At 7:15 PM the festivities will begin, the night will feature the Slam Dunk Finals, 3 Point Shooting Finals, the announcement of the All-Region teams, & the recognition of Regional Champions of each age group (list of these Champions are below.)

The Slam Dunk & 3 Point Championships will be mixed in throughout the festivities in the following order: G14u 3 point finals, please be ready to warm up at approximately 7 PM. The Slam Dunk finals will be the next of these contest to be featured, followed by Boys 18u 3 point, G18u 3 point, & finally the Boys 14u 3 point finals. Announcements at the gym will be made when these players need to make their way to court.

The list of what players will be recognized can be located at the following links:

Boys Regional Player Awards:

Girls Regional Players Awards:

Slam Dunk Finalst:

Ian Washington- Illinois Crusaders
Clay Selby- CEC Cougars
Ben Martin- Wright County Warriors
Phoenix Byrd- KC East Lions
Camron Johnson- New Way Eagles

18u Girls 3 Point Shooting Finalist:

August Price- NCC Warrior’s
Grace Dillingham- Dallas HSAA
Bailey Johnson- NCC Warrirors

14u Girls 3 Point Shooting Finalist:

Jenna Kendall- Dallas Thunder
Skyler Duhon- Lake Houston Conquerors
Braylee Daniel- Saline County Warriors

18u Boys 3 Point Shooting Finalist:

Trent Daniel- Saline County Warriors
Colton Murray- OKC Green Country Defenders
Cyrus Harmon- OKC Storm

14u Boys 3 Point Shooting Finalist:

Caden Babcock- NOAH Jaguars
Connor Hislop- NOAH Jaguars
Jaedon Eddons- OKC Storm
Ethan Mefford- Wichita Warriors
Ethen Brady- OKC Storm
Jarreth Ingram- NOAH Jaguars

Champion Big South—Boys 10u Weatherford Express
Champion Big South—Boys 12u CHSA Wolverines Maroon
Champion Big South—Girls 12u Dallas Thunder
Champion Heartland Boys 12u OKC Storm
Champion Midwest Boys 10u Northside Lions
Champion Midwest Boys 12u Summit (Bluegrass) Warriors (KY)
Champion Midwest—Girls 12u Illinois CRU
Champion South Central Boys 12u Little Rock Flames
Champion Big South—Girls 14u Lubbock Titans
Champion Big South—Boys 14u DasCHE Spartans Blue
Champion Heartland Boys 14u NOAH Jaguars Stansell
Champion Heartland Girls 14u OKC Storm
Champion Midwest Boys 14u NCC Warriors
Champion Midwest Girls 14u Indianapolis Wildcats
Champion South Central Boys 14u Memphis Nighthawks
Champion South Central Girls 14u MHEA
Champion Big South—Girls 16u Dallas HSAA
Champion Big South—Boys 16u CHANT Chargers
Champion Heartland Girls 16u OKC Storm
Champion Heartland Boys 16u OKC Storm North
Champion Midwest Boys 16u NW Indy Warriors
Champion Midwest Girls 16u Hudsonville Hornets
Champion South Central Boys 16u Little Rock Flames
Champion South Central Girls 16u Green Country Defenders
Champion Big South—Boys 18u D3 Dallas Thunder White
Champion Big South—Girls 18u D3 Sw Lousiana
Champion Heartland Boys 18u D3 Lakeshore Thunder
Champion Big South—Boys 18u Aggieland Panthers
Champion Big South—Girls 18u Dallas HSAA
Champion Heartland Boys 18u OKC Storm (OK)
Champion Heartland Girls 18u OKC Storm
Champion Midwest Boys 18u NCC Warriors (Nashville, TN)
Champion Midwest Girls 18u NCC Warriors
Champion South Central Boys 18u Fort Smith Patriots
Champion South Central Girls 18u Green Country Defenders