DEADLINE: Heartland & Western Ballots

The Heartland & Western Ballots are now live! Deadline info below

Each Head Coach may fill out one Ballot.

Girls: Heartland Award Ballot– Click Here
Boys: Heartland Award Ballot– Click Here

Boys & Girls: Western Award Ballot– Click Here

Please Note: An individual who is the head coach of multiple different teams may assign their voting duty to an assistant coach. Only 1 vote per ballot, per head coach.

Form Deadline: This Ballot needs to be filled out by midnight Thursday, March 8th.

Big South & Midwest Award Ballots are CLOSED! Thank you to the hundreds of coaches who participated in this years voting.

Master List of Current Award Nominees

The Award Nominee List posted online is current as of 6:30 PM on March 6th.

Heartland or Western Regional Parents, Players, & Fans, if you see an error on the list posted online, please let your head coach know.

Heartland or Western Regional Coaches who made the nominations, if you see an error please do one of the following.

1) Submit a completely new nomination form (link below), email and let Zach know that we can delete your original nomination.
2) Simple error corrections can be emailed to

To view the Current Award Nominee List- Click Here

18u Division III

Sign Up for this division has CLOSED 

Girls 18u Division III will once again be part of the Field of 64 Gold Ball Showdown Series Format. Last year Girls 18u Division III teams were in Class 4A & Class 3A.

Boys 18u Division III is a stand alone double gold ball division. We could potentially have a 24 team field! If this happens Monday play-in games become likely for majority of the field.

18u Division III is for young 18u teams, whether its having a player or two that are too old for 16u, or a team whose top 6 players at Nationals (defined as your true starting 5, & first player off the bench, this must be your true 6th man/woman.) It is important to note that teams are not able to start (or make 1st off the bench) a young player, who is not truly one of their top 6 players, just to get qualified. This will not be permitted.

This Division is for teams that meet one of the following criteria:

  • A team with no more than two players older then 16 as of September 1st of the school year.
  • A team that has an average age of 16.00 (or less) when combining the age of their top 6 players (starting 5 and 6th man/woman) as of September 1st of the school year.
  • In a rare situation an 18u team that registered for the Field of 64 that does not get seeded into the top division(s) could be moved into Division III, however if a team does not meet one of the two listed requirements (above) they may not opt into Division III.

Link to 18u Division III Sign Up Form: Closed

Award Nomination Form

The 2018 Post Season Award Nomination Form, details, & deadline info can be located by Clicking Here