2018 Nationals Livestream Info:

The 2018 National Championships will feature 3 Showcase courts on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Friday we will have a pair of showcase courts.

Combined the NCHBC Livestream/Showcase courts are scheduled to broadcast over 100 Games!

Please Note: Times posted are based on the game time each game is scheduled to start. With the highly competitive nature of these games it is likely that we will have delayed start times throughout the day.

FRIDAY MSU Livestream Schedule

TIMES MSU (Missouri State University)  
  City Link LIVESTREAM: http://www.citylinktv.com/channel/springfield-nchc-2/
8:10 AM– B16u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #4 Wichita Defenders Vs #3 Illinois Crusaders
9:30 AM– G16u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #2 MHEA Eagles Vs #1 Lubbock Titans
10:50 AM– B18u Division III UNDISPUTED Championship Game #2 Lapeer Lakers Vs #1 Little Rock Flames
12:10 PM– G14u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #3 Austin Royals Vs #1 Dallas Thunder
1:30 PM– B14u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #3 OKC Storm Vs #1 Memphis Nighthawks
3:15 PM– B18u NATIONAL FINAL FOUR (GBBS Semi-Final) #4 NW Indy Warriors Vs #1 OKC Storm
4:45 PM– G18u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #3 OKC Storm Vs #1 MHEA Eagles
6:15 PM– B18u NATIONAL FINAL FOUR (GBBS Semi-Final) #6 CVHAA Patriots Vs #2 Illinois CRU

FRIDAY HILLCREST Livestream Schedule

  HILLCREST High School #1  
GAME TIMES City Link LIVESTREAM: http://www.citylinktv.com/channel/springfield-nchc-classics/
9:00 AM– G12u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #2 Fort Smith Patriots Vs #1 DasCHE Spartans
10:00 AM– B12u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #2 Tulsa NOAH Jaguars Vs #1 MHEA Eagles
11:10 AM– G10u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #3 Aggieland Panthers Vs #1 OKC Storm
12:20 PM– B10u UNDISPUTED National Championship Game #2 Columbus Hawks Vs #1 Northside Lions

We are thrilled to announce that this year we will be bringing our livestream broadcast to Facebook Live! This was a smash hit at Volleyball Nationals this past fall and we are thrilled to announce that Monday we will broadcast the 6 games scheduled from 10:30 AM at MSU’s John Q. Hammons Student Center, details below.

We will once again offer our traditional livestream/dvd service that will cover the following two NCHBC Showcase courts, including two of the three 8:25 PM NCHBC Primetime Games each night.

Hillcrest High School #1
Baptist Bible College (BBC)

Both of these courts will feature wall to wall Gold Ball Tuesday action, with every game on these courts being either a Gold Ball Game from various age groups OR a Varsity Boys Field of 64 Class Semi Final 2 vs 3 match-up!

Wednesday & Thursday will also be equally packed with Gold Ball Showdown Games  throughout the day!

On Friday our team will stay at Hillcrest High School & move to MSU’s John Q. Hammons Student Center for an action packed day that will conclude with the Varsity Girls HomeSchool Basketball Undisputed National Championship Game & a pair of Varsity Boys National Final Four Games.

Saturday we will move to Hillcrest High School for the 11 AM Boys 18u HomeSchool Basketball Undisputed National Championship Game!

In addition to these courts we will be broadcasting using Facebook Live! from Central High School #1, covering Tuesday’s schedule Gold Ball Games & Varsity Boys Field of 64 Class Semi Final Games (2 vs 3.) Wednesday & Thursday Central High School #1 Gold Ball & Gold Ball Showdown Games will be broadcast as well!

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More info on all Livestream schedule will be posted right here.

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