Team USA Info

Team USA Information

Volleyball Nationals: October 21st-23rd, 2021 (Mavs KC and New Century FH, Kansas City, KS)

Basketball Nationals Dates: (Springfield, MO)
Big South Basketball Regional:  (DFW Metro, TX)
Midwest Basketball Regional: (Indy Metro, IN)
Heartland Basketball Regional: (TBA)

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Each year NCHC Events feature well over 300 Team USA sign ups! Over the years Team USA has been expanded to Basketball Regionals & Volleyball Nationals.

Team USA serves many purposes for HomeSchool Students who want to participate at an NCHC Event. A few of the main needs Team USA meets are:

  • HomeSchool Player whole team is not attending.
  • HomeSchool Student who does not have a team to play on.
  • Dual Rostering* Player who qualifies for more than one age group.

*This usually happens when a player is “playing up” due to their programs make up. In this case this happens when team they are not receiving a lot of playing time on the current team they are on. For these situations we always advise asking your team coach permission before signing up to dual roster.

Team USA is made up of Home School players from around the country. In many situations Team USA allows players to participate in an NCHC Post Season Event that they would not otherwise be able to. Team USA was birthed in the early 1990’s in San Antonio at the 1st HomeSchool Basketball National Tournament.

In Team USA you can request to play with your friends or teammates. We have seen many instances were 3-5 players from a team that played together all year and a coach want to play at an NCHC Post Season Event but don’t have enough to field a full team, Team USA is a great opportunity for these situations and others.

Team USA’s are placed in divisions based on tournament needs/availability.

The fees are;
$120 at Basketball Nationals
$80 at Volleyball Nationals
$80 at Basketball Regionals

If there is a need to combine age groups to make a team you will be notified and given an option for a refund if you don’t feel it is a good fit, the only exception to this is if 16u and 18u are combined as this is common.

A Team USA Basketball Nationals Meeting may be held the evening before play begins, – details to follow, there is no Regional or Volleyball Team USA Meeting.

Coaches will be parents and you may request to coach when you son/daughter fills out a form. A Team USA volunteer coach needs to understand that Team USA is designed to be a fun experience, opposed to a competitive experience. A Team USA Coach will be removed by tournament staff during the event if needed.

Please Note: Team USA is designed to have fun and is an equal playing time opportunity.

Very Important: Team USA may not eliminate a team from the Gold Ball contention (at Nationals), or from the top bracket of the division they are placed in, at other NCHC Events (Regionals, etc.) In most situations this means that the opening game at an NCHC event will result in Team USA moving left in the brackets, regardless of the final score. If this is an issue please do not sign up for Team USA.

Team/Coach assignments will not take place until you arrive at the Event and meet your team. If you requested to be on someones team it will happen.