Basketball Team/Program Early Registration
2021 Post Season

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July 27th NCHBC Update:

NCHBC 2020 Awards– The NCHBC 2020 Commemorative Medals, Coaches & Players Gifts, NCHBC All-Region Medals & All-Region Jersey’s, along with the Player of the Year Awards are all in the same state!

2021 Early Registration– While we normally are launching early registration during July, we are remaining focused on completing the project of shipping these important items.

2021 Eligibility Concerns– We are currently working with over a dozen leaders from around the nation who have reached out to the NCHBC about eligibility questions, concerns, and thoughts, with this in mind we are working on a couple different August Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB) Proposals. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns on this subject, please email as we work hard at addressing the unique time we are in.

2021 Payments– We will not be accepting any payments for NCHBC 2021 during the typically Early Registration period, however, in August we will open program, coaches, & player registration.

2020 Refunds– As of this date over 75% of programs who requested a refund have been mailed their refund check!

Basketball Program Registration Form

  • Registration for Basketball Nationals, Regionals, & District Tournaments

  • EVENT Total Team Fee:


    $300 for all 18u, 16u & 14u Teams, &
    $225 for 12u & 10u age groups
    Regional Championship Total Team & Players Fee:


    $350 for all 18u & Boys 16u & 14u Teams, &
    $300 for Boys 12u, Girls 14u & 16u Teams
    $250 for Girls 12u & Boys 10u
    $200 for Girls 10u


    $700 for Boys & Girls 18u & 16u Teams, & Boys 14u
    $675 for Girls 14u & Boys 12u
    $625 for Girls 12u
    $575 for 10u Teams

    Make Checks Payable to NCHBC,
    and sent to: Rob Flatt 2011 West Danforth Rd. #168 Edmond, OK 73003

    Age Groups listed are based on the players age as of September 1st of the school year.

    If attending a NCHBC District Championship Tournament please make your selection.
    If attending a District Championships Select all age groups you are signing up.
    If Attending a Regional, make your selection
    If attending Regionals, Select all age groups you are signing up.
    If attending Nationals, Select all age groups you are signing up.
  • Example: If you are sending 3 teams to District, 5 teams to Regionals & 3 to Nationals your total is 11 Teams.
  • For Eligibility purposes all NCHBC Events are Invitationals. When you complete this form you are also requesting an Invitation. If for any reason your program does not receive an Invitation, any payments made will be fully refunded. Please answer the following questions so we may process you Invitation Request.

  • All Programs attending an NCHBC Event must renew their membership or join the National HomeSchool Basketball Association (NHBA.) To view the NHBA Terms & Conditions Click Here.

    Do not complete this form without completing (and verifying you've completed) the following steps.
  • All Teams/Programs requesting an invitation must read through the NCHBC Eligibility Guidelines that can be located by Clicking Here

  • This question only needs to be answered if you selected No to the previous question.
  • NCHBC "Must Play" Policy-- A team that enters into our events agrees to compete in all tournament games bracketed. This policy specifically is for teams capable of playing, but choosing to leave the tournament with bracketed games. Failure to do so is a $100 penalty, per game, with additional penalties, including, but not limited to, future tournament ban.
  • By signing this form you are signifying that you are authorized to state that your program will abide by the terms of the NHBA. You agree that that the jurisdiction for any unresolved dispute with the NHBA or NCHBC will be mediation to be held in Oklahoma City, OK with the cost to be covered by the disputing member of the association.